At Treeline Collective we believe in connectivity

About Us

Treeline Collective is an indie design concept. It’s for the wild and hopeful at heart who live an adventurous lifestyle rooted in Nature.
Earthy, sustainable and filled with soul, it consists of exclusive designs, made using unique textiles and materials from around the world.

We design and co-create with the intention to empower, motivate and encourage people to follow their hearts and passion to live a fulfilling life.
Every piece has a story to tell and is entirely crafted with intention, purpose and love. It’s a movement and a lifestyle choice!

Our Journey

From the materials, to the artisans who make the products, to the people who choose to buy them, everyone is part of the brand. The efforts of every single being that come together are what ultimately make the dream come to life. We want to encourage and motivate people to get out in nature, adventure, travel and live a life that satisfies their soul. Through our designs and products, we aim to bring back the connection between our generation and the earth around us.

Our inspiration comes from years of travel, backcountry adventures and a background in international development, which we now seek to combine into lifestyle items with a story to tell and space for memories to be built. Our intention is to raise awareness, empower and bring love in the shape of art to everyone around the globe. We co-create with artisans to help them develop and believe in their trade, teach each other skills and build a relationship based on mutual growth. From simple adventure pieces, to a bracelet that reminds us of our love for the ocean to a blanket that keeps us warm on a camping trip, every piece has a story to tell. Treeline Collective is more than a brand, it’s a way of living!


Forests are some of the most precious inhabitants on the planet and as part of our mission we want to help protect them.
They are home to thousands of other species and a vital component to our ecosystems. Without trees the world would cease to exist.
They are our lungs, protect our rivers and silently make this world a better place..
With each purchase, a percentage will go towards forest conservation efforts around the world. Stay tuned for more details.


Is the edge.
The middle line.
The point where our reality meets the alpine world.
Where we move from comfort to discomfort.
Where breathing doesn’t feel natural anymore and fear begins to creep its way into our brain.
Where we are alone with our thoughts and begin to experience what is truly important to us in life.

The higher we go up the more we begin to let go and the deeper we go within.
This is a place where we truly become part of our journey
Beyond the treeline magic can happen if we choose to understand that we are all part of something greater.

The only way to reach the summit is by letting go of everything but the moment in which we stand. Because pass the treeline, is a world we have never explored. If we flow and become part of it, we can reach any destination our minds and hearts set. If we try to overcome it the mountain overruns us. The moment we understand this, we set our souls free, allowing for meaning to come within the set boundaries of our life.